CAPTUCanadian Association for the Peaceful Takeover of the United States of America (website)
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Frustrated with the way it was going, they flew Captus to a CIA compound just outside Kabul, known as the Hotel California.
prevailing rejection of mala captus bene detentus, would seem to
Vergil underscores the interdependence of writing and orality when he portrays the woods as singing Varus's name: si quis tamen haec quoque, si quis I captus amore leget, te nostrae, Vare, myricae, / te nemus omne canet (6.
CAPTUS PRONET, which has its headquarters in Faverdale East Business Park in Darlington, is the new name for TMS Maintenance, which has provided solutions for industry across the UK since it was founded 11 years ago.
quin etiam dilectae virginis ignem aequaevamque facem captus noctesque diesque dissimulas.
Root: The Latin word capere, meaning "to seize" or "to take," and its form captus give us the roots cap, capt, and cept.
Ramsey, NJ) recently added a DICOM compatibility feature to its Captus 3000 Thyroid Uptake System, which will allow imaging facilities to electronically view and store thyroid uptake study results along with the scan results.
Bonsai trata de un japones que tiene una aceptable relacion con su esposa, hasta que charla con un jardinero y descubre que el es un captus y su mujer una enredadera.
Moreover, the doctrine of male captus bene detentus recognizes that violation of law in the extraterritorial capture of an individual does not, per se, render the detention unlawful.
Geist, Internet Law in Canada (North York: Captus Press, 2000) at 41 ff: "As Internet law has developed, a two-step analytical approach has emerged.
Doron Levy is president of Captus Business Consulting, which develops solutions for customer service training and customer relations policy.