CAPTUCanadian Association for the Peaceful Takeover of the United States of America (website)
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Frustrated with the way it was going, they flew Captus to a CIA compound just outside Kabul, known as the Hotel California.
prevailing rejection of mala captus bene detentus, would seem to
Isolated from his girlish "peers" yet also from himself, Achilles is a captus (637) in his own body, concealed in his "unwarlike prison" (imbelli carcere, 625-626).
The Captus Thyroid Uptake System, which has been on the market for approximately 20 years, was designed to measure and quantify thyroid function and aid in the diagnosis of thyroid disease.
Historically, European and British Commonwealth courts adhered to the rule of male captus bene detentus--that is, regardless of the circumstances under which a person was brought before a court, he could be properly tried before that court.
This combined solution ensures network and application availability for valid traffic--with no compromise in network performance," said Stephen Schramke, president and CEO of Captus Networks.
The Ker-Frisbie rule is a modern formulation of the Roman maxim mala captus bene detentus--an improper capture results in a lawful detention.
Consistent with our Aims and Objectives to "develop and maintain Education and other programs consistent with the aspirations of its membership", the Canadian Institute of Management has signed a contract with Captus Press to offer the CIM program on-line.
CANDO and Captus Press publish the Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development, providing trends, analysis and commentary on economic development from an Aboriginal perspective.
1992 A World of Communities: Participatory Research Perspectives, Captus University Publications, Toronto.
Tort Theory (North York: Captus University Publication s, 1993); Fraser, supra note 331; M.
Deep Nines Completes Acquisition of Captus Networks II-82