CAPWAComputerized Arterial Pulse Waveform Analysis (medical imaging)
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Vascular translational medicine also emphasizes evaluation with new imaging technologies, such as the EndoPAT, CAPWA, carotid IMT and CT Angiogram.
Functional Tests EndoPAT (endothelial dysfunction) CAPWA (computerized arterial pulse wave analysis) DTM (digital thermographic monitor) HRV (heart rate variability) EKG and TMT MCG (magnetocardiography) Structural Tests Carotid IMT/Duplex EBT and CT Angiogram (CTA) with CAC scoring Cardiac MRI (CMR) ECHO (Rest and exercise) ABI (Rest and exercise) Other Evaluations Cardiac PET and SPECT IVUS (Intravascular ultrasound) Cardiac Nuclear Studies (MPI) with PET and SPECT Coronary Angiogram Metabolic Factors
These functions must all be measured with the new non-invasive devices, such as the mobile-o unit for central and brachial blood pressure, the EndoPAT for endothelial function, augmentation index, arterial elasticity and heart rate variability and the CAPWA for evaluation of small and large arterial compliance.