CAPXCapital Expenditure(s)
CAPXcytosolic ascorbate peroxidase
CAPXCapital Expense(s)
CAPXCustomer Accessible Parts eXpress (Grove Cranes)
CAPXCap-XX Limited (stock symbol)
CAPXCapabilities Exchange (IBM)
CAPXCapilano Excellence Scholarships (aka Board Entrance Scholarship)
CAPXCapacity Expansion 2020
CAPXcalcium paradox
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For a given firm-year, external finance dependence is the ratio of capital expenditures (Compustat item: capx) minus funds from operations (fopt) to capital expenditures.
The acquisition includes CPC Strategy's proprietary Amazon media and bid optimization platform, CAPx, which provides a substantial competitive advantage through both efficiency and efficacy gains, resulting in superior service and performance gains for their clients.
variables: Staggered Board, Assets, ROA, CAPX, R&D, and Industry M&A
CAPX is the capital expenditures of the firm, standing for the net investment of the firm during the period.
Elkhorn Investments, LLC has announced the addition of the Elkhorn S&P 500 Capital Expenditures ETF (CAPX).
where N is the number of firms in the sample, [PPE.sub.n,t-1] is the previous year's book value of property, plant, and equipment (PPEGT item in Compustat), [DEPR.sub.n,t-1] the depreciation expense (DP item in Compustat), and [CE.sub.n,t] is the capital expenditure incurred in the present year (CAPX item in Compustat).
Phrase Used in Text COMPUTSAT XPF NAME Total Assets AT Operating Income OIBDP Before Depreciation Number of Shares CSHO Outstanding Book Value of Equity CEQ Capital Expenditures CAPX Share Price PRCC_F Market Value of PRCC_F x CSHO Equity Book-to-market Tobin's Q (AT-CEQ+MV EQ) / AT Return on Assets Cap Exp Ratio CAPX - AT Free Cash Flow NI + DP - DVC - DVP IPO SIZE SEO SIZE SEO/IPO SEO/MV EQ AT (days) Underpricing IPO Abnormal Return IPO (1 - 20) Abnormal Return IPO (21 - 40) SEO AR Table 1 Descriptive statistics for sample SEO firms (first time SEOs) Description Mean Median Min.
Right now we've got about seven projects with over a billion dollars of capX attached to them, and these are, for the most part, industrial projects of a scale that we've never seen before.
He is also a partner with CapX Partners, an equipment-leasing fund.
Seabird Exploration Group (BeunosAires: CAPX) (Oslo: SBX) today reported a loss of USD24.7m for the third quarter of 2009.