CARAHConference on Artificial Reefs and Artificial Habitats
CARAHCenter for Applied Research on Aging and Health (Thomas Jefferson University)
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(Carah, 2017) The consonance between delegation and non-delegation of assessments to algorithms is the dominant and recurring theme of the algorithmic society.
Much research on various forms of Influencers on social media has focused on self-curation (Abidin, 2014a; Marwick, 2015; Wissinger, 2015), follower-engagement (Abidin, 2015), authenticity (Hopkins and Thomas, 2011) and advertorial disclosure (Ots and Abidin, 2015), as well as ordinary users as 'promotional apparatus' for brands (Carah and Shaul, 2016) and as participants in electronic word of mouth (Erkan, 2015).
According to University of Queensland lecturer and social media researcher Nic Carah, these memes, as they are known, are often just a means of attracting attention.
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Jennifer Carah, a field scientist, was doing a routine snorkel in a tributary to the Garcia River when she beheld a mass of juvenile coho salmon wriggling in the cold coastal stream.
(AP) -- Carah Austin still is in high school but already is a college student.
Carah (communication at the School of Journalism and Communication, U.
Elders Pat Koochicum, Evelyn Desnomie, Donald Koochicum, and Robert Bellegarde; Youth participants Brendan Agecoutay, Jordi Starr, Albert Dieter-Merasty, Damin Lerat, Darwin McNab Jr, Payton Poitras Bellegarde, Jeramie Bellegarde, Carah Desnomie, Shellayna Keewatin, Jordan McLeod, Jessica McNabb, Trish Stonechild, Ian Bigknife, Nicolas Desnomie, Richard Kematch, Ashley McNabb, Dakota Stonechild, and Tyler Ward; Special Constables Victoria Ward, Frances Delorme, Willard Thomson, and Tyler Kilbach; Teachers Chelsea Stevenson and Yuri Tsutsolov.
Carah Herring, Baldwin's granddaughter, in the Bennett Class of 2005, works in the office of the executive vice president at Louisburg College in North Carolina, and granddaughter Chemaye Herring, in the Class of 2008, also plans to be an elementary school teacher.
Carah Ong is the Iran Policy Analyst at the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation.
The keynote speaker is Carah Miller Caldicott, co-author of a new book, "Innovate like Edison".
But it feels fresh and current as Carah Fayeand Gregori Chad Petree trade vocals.