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Detection of carbapenemases activity in Enterobacteriaceae: Comparison of the carbapenem inactivation method versus the Carba NP test.
(27) There are many commercial chromogenic agars that are supplemented with carbapenems and are currently used for detecting carbapenemase-producing bacteria: CHROMagar KPC (CHROMagar, France), chromID OXA-48, chrom ID Carba, Colorex KPC (Biomed Diagnostics, USA), Hardy CHROM (Hardy Diagnostics, USA), Ramba Chrom-KPC (Gibson Bioscience, USA), and Brilliance CRE (Thermo Diagnostics, USA).
Carbapenemase production was confirmed (Figure 1) by the modified Hodge test13 (MHT) and Rapidec Carba NP(BioMerieux, France; Figure-2).
Skin patch testing with carba mix (3.0% pet), thiuram mix (1.0% pet), mercapto mix (2.0% pet), benzoyl peroxide (1.0% pet), toluenesulfonamide formaldehyde resin (10.0% pet) and bisphenol A (1.0% pet) (Chemotechnique Diagnostics, Vellinge, Sweden) was performed according to the Jadassohn & Bloch classical methods for diagnosis of contact allergy, by placing the allergens in IQ Ultra hypoallergenic patches of Chemotechnique Diagnostics (Vellinge, Sweden) (IQ Chambers[R]).
Two chromogenic agars were evaluated in this study: HardyCHROM CRE and chromID CARBA agars.
Subsequently, simpler tests such as disc diffusion (DD), microbroth dilution (BMD), Vitek II, the modified Hodge's test (MHT), meropenem-EDTA synergy test, and the Carba NP tests are suggested for resource-constrained health-care settings.
Postmortem changes in blood concentrations of phenytoin and carba mazepine: An experimental study.
Comparative evaluation of a prototype chromogenic medium (ChromID CARBA) for detecting carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in surveillance rectal swabs.
Indices de sensibilizacao as substancias testadas nos 180 pacientes na leitura de 96 horas entre 01/01/1999 e 31/12/2008 pelo Ambulatorio de Medicina do Trabalho do Hospital de Clinicas da Universidade Estadual de Campinas Substancia % Substancia % Sulfato de niquel 30 Butilfenil-para-terciario 8 Cloreto de cobalto 27 Hidroquinona 8 Bicromato de Potassio 23 Mercapto mix 8 Carba mix 19 Neomicina 8 Timerosol 19 Nitrofurazona 8 Tiuram mix 19 Terebentina 8 Banzocaina 14 Balsamo do Peru 6 Etilenodiamina 14 Colofonia 5 Paraben mix 14 Formaldeido 5 Perfume mix 14 Propilenoglicol 5 Parafenilenodiamina 13 Quaternarium 15 5 PPD mix 12 Lanolina 4 Resina epoxi 12 Antraquinona 3 Prometazina 11 Kathon CG 3 Quinolina mix 10 Irgasan 2 PPD (mix): N-isopropil, N-fenil e N-difenil parafenilenodiamina