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CARBOYCary-Apex-Raleigh Brewers of Yore
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Further, macrophyte + NPK medium has a dark coloring, which not only hinders the penetration of light but also impairs growth above 15.5 x [10.sup.5] cell [mL.sup.-1], after the exponential phase in carboy and plastic bag recipients, and keeps growth above 69.2 x [10.sup.5] cell [mL.sup.-1] in fiberglass recipients.
The snails were transferred to the laboratory (CICIMAR, La Paz) and kept in inverted glass carboys with cut-off bottoms, each filled with 10 L of seawater (salinity: 30 [per thousand] to 34 [per thousand] daily water exchange; temperature range: 21[degrees]C to 23[degrees]C; 12 h light/dark).
I then siphoned the mead into a carboy. Because my batch was small, I later siphoned the mead from the carboy into a smaller, more appropriately sized gallon jug to finish fermentation--reserving a bit to drink while young.
Transfer to another carboy to help clarify the wine.
Typical design includes for regeneration directly from carboy and a carboy tray is provided with the standard option.
Carboy said he expects average growth rates of 9.2% in revenues from the industry between now and 2002.
Several gallons of store-bought sweet cider are poured into a glass carboy, sugar and yeast are added, and the mixture is allowed to ferment.
Scientific Plastics has added Carboy Contain to its product line of laboratory sinks, tanks and accessories.
Chemical reagent maybe either pumped directly by the dosing pump from the chemical supplies carboy in which case we would offer a bunded area to stand the carboys.
Reduced fermentation is evident by a quiet airlock; after it's still, transfer the mead into the carboy (a large glass or plastic container that can be sealed using an airlock).
I lived in Chile for three years and we used to buy a carboy - this huge glass vase - for pounds 1.95.