CARCCanadian Arctic Resources Committee
CARCCanadian Agri-Food Research Council
CARCClaim Adjustment Reason Code
CARCConnecticut AIDS Resource Coalition (Hartford, CT)
CARCComitati d'appoggio alla Resistenza per il Comunismo (Italian: Communist Resistance Supporting Committees)
CARCCEPT Amateur Radio Club
CARCColumbus Amateur Radio Club
CARCClub Atlético Rosario Central
CARCCanadian Artificial Reef Consulting (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
CARCColumbia Amateur Radio Club
CARCCyclone Amateur Radio Club (Iowa State University student organization)
CARCColorado Automobile Racing Club
CARCChemical Agent Reactive Coating
CARCColorado Association for Retarded Children
CARCComputer-Assisted Reference Center
CARCContainment Air Recirculation and Cooling
CARCChemical Agent Resistant Clothing
CARCCoastside Amateur Radio Club (Pacifica, CA)
CARCChemically Active Reagent Coating
CARCCivil Aviation Regulatory Commission (Jordan)
CARCChicago Association of Retarded Citizens
CARCCompound Annual Rate of Change
CARCCentral American Resource Center (also seen as CARECEN)
CARCChemical Agent Resistant Coating
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The water-reducible topcoat is Qualified Products Database (QPD) approved and is available in multiple CARC colors, easily portable in 250mL and 400mL sizes.
CARC topcoats are routinely applied at Army depots and maintenance facilities as part of a repair procedure or to change color.
In addition to using the new CARC paint, MIARNG also implemented a new paint stripping process.
is compatible with existing pre-treatments and liquid CARC coatings to facilitate the Dolls transition to the new technology; and
If you spray CARC, you can spray the paint only in an OSHA-approved spray booth while wearing the proper protective gear.
DCR's approval for CARC is based on the commitment, involvement and experience of its management, the experience and training of its staff, its history of well-managed growth, excellent computer systems, well-documented procedures and stringent quality controls.
The performance of the market is forecast to decline further but with a slower pace, with an anticipated CARC of -2.
The new TM will eliminate silica-based CARC paint in favor of the new polymeric bead CARC and Type II (low infrared reflectance) primers.
Care Concepts is traded on the Nasdaq Small Cap Market under the symbol CARC.
Market consumption volumes decreased with a CARC of -3% between 2007 and 2011, to reach a total of 13.
After the nonslip compound has dried, apply a topcoat of WD CARC paint.