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Speaking to AA, Carci said he had been doing business in Irbil for 8 years, and as a result of Turkish businessmen's growing interest in the region, he had recently decided to step in the food sector and promote Turkish cuisine in this Iraqi city.
Each measurement was obtained with the upper limb of the cadaver at 30[degrees], 60[degrees] and 90[degrees] shoulder abduction standardized with a goniometer (CARCI), considering cadaveric rigidity (Table I).
Normalized joint-angle positions were evaluated using a goniometer (Carci, Sao Paulo, Brazil).
Respeitaram-se as tecnicas descritas pela American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (1994), para a utilizacao do goniometro, da marca Carci, que consiste de um circulo completo (360[degrees]) ou meio circulo (180[degrees]), com dois bracos, um movel e outro fixo.
Three different measurements were taken using a pachimeter (Mitutoyo) and a goniometer (Carci) on both hemispheres: M1--the length of the lateral sulcus; M2--the distance from the lateral sulcus to the inferior margin of the inferior temporal gyrus, and M3--the angle formed between the lines of the collateral sulcus and the inferior margin of the inferior temporal gyrus.
(%) Noninvasive low-grade UCC 3 (8) Noninvasive high-grade UCC 7 (19) Flat urothelial carcinoma in situ 3 (8) Flat urothelial carcinoma in situ and non- invasive high-grade UCC 3 (8) Invasive conventional urothelial carci 10 (28) Invasive small cell carcinoma 3 (8) Invasive urothelial carcinoma with exten- sive squamous differentiation 2 (6) Invasive squamous cell carcinoma 2 (6) Invasive adenocarcinoma 1 (3) Invasive sarcomatoid carcinoma 2 (6) Depth of invasion, No.
Foram realizadas tres mensuracoes diferentes, utilizando-se para tanto paquimetro (Mitutoyo) e goniometro (Carci), em ambos os hemisferios: medida M1, comprimento do sulco lateral; medida M2, distancia do sulco lateral a margem inferior do giro temporal inferior e a medida M3, o angulo formado entre as linhas do sulco lateral e margem inferior do giro temporal inferior.
The measurements were made using a Carci (0.20 x 0.05) goniometry, using the procedures described by Norkin and White (10).