CARCOCombined Arms Route Clearance Operation
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Battalion and brigade level planning meetings were good sources of information because any activity that requires movement by ground beyond the forward line of troops will be assigned to the CARCO as a mission.
Hudson: Rachel Carco, Augusto Silva, Dylan_Eusebio Serra
This view explains Murry too--the Fairy Prince: also Carco, & that very good fairy tale--An Indiscreet Journey, which somehow I had always missed previously: it should be called The Little Corporal.' (3) In 2012, the fourth volume of Katherine Mansfield Studies developed Sargeson's observation by being devoted to the theme of the fantastic, with essays exploring Mansfield's reworking of Litde Red Riding Hood, the use of fairytale in 'A Suburban Fairy' Tale', the enchantment of domestic interiors in stories such as 'Bliss', and the uncanny effects of language in the stories of In a German Pension.
The first important opportunity for his American career came when he was offered a part in The Red Poppy, a Broadway three-act melodrama by Andre Picard and Francis Carco. Unable to speak English, Lugosi nevertheless phonetically memorized the part of Fernando, and, thus, he opened to his first English-speaking audience in December 20, 1922, at the Greenwich Village Theatre.
The list included five US-based courier companies on the blacklist -- Shipping Express, ABS-CBN Star Carco, ACE Cargo, Alas Cargo, and A Cargo Express Inc.
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Dante writes that she made herself a "dolce carco" by not resisting, but not resisting is an act of will.
Kenneth devoted ten or fifteen minutes each nite to a ghastly rendition of a boring translation of a bad poem by francis carco which he seems to think swings very much.
The Discussion Draft also provides a contract manufacturing example where a resident of one state (CARCO) sets up a subsidiary (SUBCAR) resident in another state to assemble cars from parts owned and supplied by CARCO and imported to SUBCAR's state of residence by CARCO.
Vividly etched in Kathleen Jones' pages are the significant figures in Mansfield's brief but crowded life: her put-upon friend Ida Baker; her dubious lovers, including the raffish French writer, Frederick Carco; her much-loved brother Leslie, whose death during the First World War while teaching the use of a hand grenade left her inconsolable; and the editor A.R.
Along highway 58, about 0.5 miles E of El Carco, 5.9 miles E of junction road to Santo Domingo, about 6.3 miles E of Tokio, 10 miles E of highway 57 at San Roberto, M.