CARCUChina Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization (social concerns; China)
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Xiao said in a statement that CARCU hopes Sycamore Ventures' strong track record in nurturing start-ups will speed the development of China's environmental sector.
1630 The carcus (sic.) of a white adult belukha was floating belly up in the rafted debris of the rips, about midway between Kalgin Island and the Forelands.
However, when cooking just the breast at home, which is off the carcus, the best way is to score the skin/fat on the breast with a sharp knife being careful not to cut through into the flesh.
"Whether Banjo was trying to eat Matilda's carcus or they both got stuck in the mud together, we don't really know," he added.
THE CARCUS BRAWL + Forever Falling + Neverine + The Torture Of Comacine
Members of Stourbridge-based band Carcus 2000 set up their unorthodox instruments in a dragon shape on a British Waterways maintenance boat for their performance.Gas bottles and oil drums did duty as drums, a fire extinguisher made a noise like a cowbell and metal railings had been turned into a xylophone.