CARDCChina Aerodynamics Research and Development Center
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11 UNSOLICITED CREDIT CARDC Jun, a Filipino, recently received a call from a courier service about the delivery of a credit card in his name.
We will numerically investigate the mechanism of the vortex-structure interaction generating noise for different rod-airfoil configuration models by comparing with the experimental results carried in the 0.55 m * 0.4 m aeroacoustic wind tunnel in China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC).
The numerical status is the same as the experimental test status carried out in CARDC's 0.55 m * 0.4 maeroacoustic wind tunnel, with the experiment with the upstream velocity 60 m/s, Ma = 0.176, Re = 90000, T = 298.5 K, and P = 101325 Pa.