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CARDECanadian Armament Research and Development Establishment
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Our work suggests that it could be the first impression - the first whiff of odor - that determines the ability of an insect to recognize that odor mixture," Carde added.
The lower efficiency of pheromone applied in December was caused by factors related to behavior and population dynamics of the target species (Carde and Minks 1995; Moschos et al.
"Carbon dioxide induces a faster and more direct upwind orientation than skin odor," said Carde, who holds the Alfred M.
The first to resist had been Governor-General Carde, who had moved astutely across to the side of the most powerful, as we have seen.
Further, studies that did examine effects of ultrasound under field conditions (Belton and Kempster, 1962; Payne and Shorey, 1968; Baker and Carde, 1978) used an ultrasonic signal that was not representative of echolocation by bats, so results are not directly applicable to natural bat-moth interactions.
Mr Carde continued: "At LTO we like to keep things simple.
(40.) Cooperband MF, Mc Elfresh JS, Millar JG, Carde RT.
Confirmando os resultados obtidos pelo Sign Test, o teste de WRST (Tabela 6) indica que, estatisticamente, as distribuicoes dos retornos acumulados antes (CARAF) e depois (CARDE) dos eventos sao diferentes.