CARDIVCarrier Division
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(24.) For example, about 1000 on 30 May, Chitose's plane sighted an enemy submarine six thousand meters from the Transport Group and bombed it; "Last Moments of Transport Kano Maru" Also see CarDiv 5 WD, May 1942; and Senshi Sosho, vol.
There were more indications that CarDiv 5 and CruDiv 5 (less Nachi) and destroyers would operate southward of Truk.
Fletcher had received information that the enemy would probably start his operation by 28 April, and he knew about the presence of CarDiv 5 at Truk.
In any case, CarDiv 5 was supposed to be about 120 miles north of Tulagi and from there would be able to cover it.
On 5 May Nimitz informed Fletcher and Fitch about reliable information as of 3 May that the "Orange [i.e., Japanese] Moresby Striking Force composed of CruDiv 5 and CarDiv 5 will launch attacks on the Allied bases Port Moresby areas on X-Ray minus 3 or minus 2 days.
CarDiv 5's screen was reinforced by two heavy cruisers from Goto's force.
The Allies now learned from reading enemy messages that the Port Moresby operation had been postponed, that the Port Moresby occupation force would return to Rabaul, and that CruDiv 5 and CarDiv 5 would refuel in the Bougainville area and then cover the occupation of Ocean and Nauru islands.
(235) One Japanese large carrier was heavily damaged, and the losses of aircraft and experienced pilots were hard to replace; CarDiv 5 did not rejoin the fleet for more than two months.
Takeo Takagi, Commander, CruDiv 5) CruDiv 5 (2 CAs--Myoko, Haguro, minus Nachi) CarDiv 5 (5th Air Flotilla), Rear Adm.