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CARDSCOMSEC (Common Spectral MASINT Exploitation Capability) Accounting, Reporting and Distribution System
CARDSCommunity Assistance for Reconstruction Development and Stabilisation ( EU)
CARDSCentral Archive for Reusable Defense Software
CARDSCollaborative Atorvastatin Diabetes Study
CARDSComputerized Automated Reminder Diabetes System
CARDSComprehensive Aerological Reference Data Set
CARDSCentral Archive for Reusable Defense Software (now Comprehensive Approach for Reusable Defense Software)
CARDSCanadian Adaptation and Rural Development Fund in Saskatchewan
CARDSCommunity Assistance to Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation (EU)
CARDSComprehensive Approach for Reusable Defense Software (formerly Central Archive for Reusable Defense Software)
CARDSConcept And Requirements Definition Study
CARDSCombat Aircraft Recording and Data System
CARDSConference Administration and Registration Database System (Web application developed in 2001)
CARDSCatalog of Approved Requirement Documents
CARDSCash Receipts and Disbursements System
CARDSCask Railcar Dynamic Simulator
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So I ask you to put the money on your cards," replied Dolokhov.
The man remained standing where he could watch the Frenchman's cards.
The two new cards lay face down on the table where they had been dealt to him.
And indeed, now I think again, I have a strong impression that I have another good card here, not yet enumerated.
Nothing can make matters worse than they are," she thought, despairingly, as Arnold dealt the cards for her.
I had no intention to offend,' said the old man, looking anxiously at the cards.
Sarah recognised the first card she had typewritten that afternoon.
Dowler's card, with a request to be allowed permission to introduce a friend.
He took up his cards one by one, and as he snatched up the last he groaned.
But Alan and Cluny were most of the time at the cards, and I am clear that Alan must have begun by winning; for I remember sitting up, and seeing them hard at it, and a great glittering pile of as much as sixty or a hundred guineas on the table.
At games of cards he was equally skilful; for though he would constantly lose money at the commencement of an evening, playing so carelessly and making such blunders, that newcomers were often inclined to think meanly of his talent; yet when roused to action and awakened to caution by repeated small losses, it was remarked that Crawley's play became quite different, and that he was pretty sure of beating his enemy thoroughly before the night was over.
le Cardinal de Mazarin, who gave a card party to the king and queen.
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