CARECENCentral American Resource Center
CARECENCentral American Refugee Center
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New York and San Francisco -- came into being a decade ago during, in the words of Los Angeles CARECEN executive director Madeline Janis, the "enormous explosion" as the first wave of Salvadorans, then Guatemalans fled the brutal persecutions in their native countries.
As CARECEN formed by Salvadoran refugees it was for refugee defense and class-action litigation to stop the U.
As Janis explained, however, by the mid-1980s CARECEN began to metamorphose into something quite different.
CARECEN has been drawn into the broader Hispanic community's issues.
Meanwhile, CARECEN knows that whatever comes out of El Salvador's peace process, 80 percent to 90 percent of the Salvadorans in Los Angeles will remain here.
Postriot, CARECEN has been thrust into the center of the action, battling inaction.