CARECENCentral American Resource Center
CARECENCentral American Refugee Center
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CARECEN is known for offering legal services that are vital to the immigrant community.
Sawyer (1986) dividio al genero Helobdella en dos series: stagnalis que incluye especies con placa quitinoide dorsal y triserialis para las especies que carecen de dicha placa.
Saul Solorzano, director of the Centro de Recursos para Centroamericanos (Carecen), said that there are currently 280,000 Salvadorans living in the US under the provisions of TPS, and they send home about US$2 billion a year.
En America Latina, 78 millones de personas no tienen suficiente agua, mientras 117 millones carecen de instalaciones higienicas adecuadas, segun la ONU.
The Central American Refugee Center, CARECEN, is set to buy the former Immigration and Naturalization Service detention center on Alvarado at Olympic to build a community center and low-cost housing.