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Cette lettre vous annoncera la visite du chanoine Thellier de Poncheville, qui vient de precher ici le careme avec un succes magnifique.
lt;<Lettre pastorale pour le Careme de l'an de grace 1947>>, en La Documentation Catholique, 30-III-1947, cols.
El chef Marie-Antoine Careme (1784-1833) instauro en la cocina el proyecto cartesiano de ideas claras y distintas.
E serao os restaurantes que farao do proprio Beauvilliers e de Antonin Careme (8 de Junho, 1784-12 de Janeiro, 1833), aquilo que a historia lhes consagrou: o inventor da moderna culinaria francesa, a saber, o cozinheiro dos reis e o rei dos cozinheiros.
Again, his presentation was of a particular kind: he presented "Russian-French ukha" and used a recipe by the great French chef Careme.
Car si l'idee du Careme etait, dans l'Eglise des premiers siecles, de se preparer a la fete de Paques, le Carnaval permettait aux gens de vivre des rejouissances issues des anciennes fetes d'hiver.
The year 1783 was notable for the birth of Marie-Antonin Careme, whose accomplishments in the development of pastry were unmatched in his time.
Petit Careme (French Creole): short dry period after the start of
His table was the best in France, with the famous chef Careme in charge of the kitchen.
Held at the Brighton Pavilion, itself a monument to the Regent's love of grandeur and excess, the dinner, prepared by chef Antonin Careme, featured over 120 separate dishes, including 8 soups, 36 entrees, 8 roasts, and 12 desserts.
Careme was really famous for building huge cities out of cream puffs, and sugar sculptures, all that kind of stuff.
He employed the best chef in Europe--perhaps in history--Antonin Careme, and entertained lavishly.