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CARETBeta Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial
CARETCentre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (Cambridge University, UK)
CARETCouncil for Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching (national grassroots organization)
CARETCommercial Applications Research for Extra-Terrestrial Technology (fictitious unidentified flying object research group)
CARETCenter for Advanced Research of Energy Technology (est. 1994; Japan)
CARETCenter for Agrarian Reform, Empowerment and Transformation (Philippines)
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But scandals within and without the chancellor's office had eroded confidence in Caret's leadership, particularly confidence in Annapolis.
For the pair of virgules in the margin almost always falls at the precise point in the text where a page break falls in Caxton's edition of The Chronicles of England in 1480, unless there is a seeming caret. Where there is a seeming caret, then that always falls where a page break does in the edition.
Fiber Choice will be marketed by IM HealthScience LLC, a subsidiary of Caret Group.
In conjunction with the agreement, Fiber Choice will be marketed by Caret Group's subsidiary IM HealthScience LLC, which is engaged in the research, development and marketing of nonprescription products for the dietary management of digestive disorders.
Without question, Bob Caret has been a big part of the UMass success story-- and replacing him won't be easy.
The problem: In two major trials--the Physicians' Health Study and the Beta-Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial (CARET)--high doses of the popular antioxidant failed to cut the risk of cancer or heart disease, explained Hennekens and others.
One channel projected the subliminal stimulus, and the other projected the caret slide.
Based on the research that espouses the importance of personal control in relation to job satisfaction or dissatisfaction (Dollard et al., 2000; Ernst, Franco, Messmer & Gonzalez, 2004; Muhonen & Torkelson, 2004; Warr, 2002), and the role played by support in both retention and satisfaction (Australian Foster Care Association, 2001; Baum et al., 2001; Brown & Calder, 2000; Carter, 2004; Fisher et al., 2000; McHugh 2002; Sinclair et al., 2004) as well as findings that commitment to children is related to both enjoyment of fostering and perseverance (Thorpe, 2004), the following conceptual model for determining foster caret satisfaction and likelihood of retention was proposed.
* Towson University (Md.) President Robert Caret writes the student-focused "Bob's Blog" at
The report singled out the poor relationship between USM Chancellor Robert Caret and then-Board of Regents Chair James Brady, adding that there was an absence of crisis leadership on the board.