CARGCentral African Republic Government
CARGCloud and Aerosol Research Group
CARGCompounded Annual Rate of Growth (finance)
CARGCommander, Amphibious Ready Group
CARGCaribbean Ready Group
CARGCentral Analyst Review Group
CARGCentralized Assessor Review Group
CARGComputer Architecture Research Group (University of Ottawa; Ottawa, Ontario Canada)
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Rt Mean Dt(P) Mean AGR CARG No o/p (P) R(a) Dt(a) (1-2) (1-2) 1 1990 4 - 2 1991 19 0.
The prepaid card category witnessed the largest growth in 2008-2012, registering a CARG of over 37%; and it climbed to 1.
4% CARG in 2008-2012 and was equal to approximately 14.
En este contexto, en las ultimas reuniones del CARG promovidas por BIOCAN se ha decidido revisar la Decision 391.
El factor de impacto para CARG de las revisiones Cochrane es 4.
Arthur Pitcher, Aspers' marketing manager, who chaired the first meeting of Cardiff CARG, said: 'As a casino operator of more than 40 years' standing, we accept that problem gambling does exist, but as a responsible operator we want to offer people with problems the appropriate help.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This research was funded by a CARG Collaborating Centre grant provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care.
There's another one called CARG, which is Chase, which is the city trust and M&F and some other assets.
The global automobile production and sales grew at a CARG of 1.
The total number of available beds in 2012 in the private sectors reached 1,468, compared to 793 in 2005, a CARG of 9.