CARIBICCivil Aircraft for Remote sensing and In-situ measurements In troposphere and lower stratosphere Based on the Instrumentation Container Concept
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Zahn, 2013: Composition and evolution of volcanic aerosol from eruptions of Kasatochi, Sarychev, and Eyjafallajokull in 20082010 based on CARIBIC observations.
Martinsson, 2006: Design and calibration of a multi-channel aerosol sampler for tropopause region studies from the CARIBIC platform.
Data are shown for 20 aircraft field campaigns over several years: CARIBIC, SEAC4RS, TRACE-P, ACEASIA, ACEI, PEM tropics A, PEM tropics B, INTEX-NA, VOCALS-Rex, NEAQS-ITCT2004, ARCTAS, CALNEX, INDOEX, ARCPAC, TexAQS2006, ITCT2002, A-FORCE, DC3, PASE, and MIRAGE (see online supplement for campaign details).
(Vessel chartered to Festival Cruises through 2004.) CARIBIC STAR a) VICENTE PUCHOL b) ARCADIA c) ANGELINA LAURO d) ARCADIA (1968) Anaconda Maritime, Panama, 4,904 grt, 361' x 53', 342 pass.
Platt, 2012: Flux calculation using CARIBIC DOAS aircraft measurements: S02 emission of Norilsk.