CARIDCentro di Ateneo per la Ricerca, l'Innovazione Didattica e l'istruzione a Distanza
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The near-completeness of articulated appendages in carid decapods, such as the aquatic Delclosia, and bony elements in the terrestrial lizard Hoyalacerta and the aerial aves Concornis, suggest that burial events (or entombing inside microbial mats) were rapid.
This can also be applied to shallow water inhabitants of the dry episodes formed by small juvenile teleostean fishes, carid shrimps (Delclosia), peracarid spelaeogriphaceans and astacid decapods (Austropotamobius) together with the presence of the aquatic angiosperm Montsechia.
CARID, Research Centre Athenaeum for Innovation and Distance Education, is a multidisciplinary research and education structure that promotes innovation and the practice of teaching/learning through multimedia technologies on the Web.
In order to better understand CARID, its activities and its future, we have interviewed Paolo Frignani, director of CARID since 1997 and Professor Giorgio Poletti, head of the educational design team of the structure.
Because in Italy CARID is one of the centers which has been operating in e-learning the longest, it has dealt with the profound changes that this educational model has undergone in the last 10 years.
CARID is an extremely dynamic structure that, in the past, was able to adapt to constant changes.