CARIFESTACaribbean Festival of Arts
CARIFESTACaribbean Festival Association (St. Petersburg, FL)
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Speaker, Carifesta is short for The Caribbean Festival of the Arts.
Led off by our Bermuda Gombey troupe, all of our participants, as well as Bermudian organizers and supporters, paraded through the streets of downtown Bridgetown wearing T-shirts designed by local company Bermunities; and arrived at Kensington Oval for the official start of Carifesta XIII.
considers Carifesta a political and cultural phenomenon and--together
Significantly, at the same Jamaican Carifesta of 1976 Brathwaite
Carifesta es para y sobre la gente de esta region; el "pueblo" que sigue siendo la fundacion y la fuerza que mueven nuestro colectivo de naciones.
Brathwaite's lecture, given at Carifesta '76 in Jamaica and again at Harvard in 1979, is here recorded in textual format and first published in 1984 by New Beacon Books, London and Port of Spain, 87 pp.
This essay/speech, the inaugural address at the Carifesta V Symposia Series held in Trinidad in August 1992, addresses the question of Caribbean integration primarily through an examination of the tension between the black and Indian communities on that island.
CARIFESTA es Un programa radial que nace como un nuevo programa musical, educativo e intelectual del Caribe y para el Caribe.
Art and culture lovers will want to attend CARIFESTA V, sponsored by the CARICOM (Caribbean Common market and Community) governments this August in Trinidad.
Joel James and members of his theater group were invited to Carifesta, which was held in Havana in 1979.
The occasion was the most recent Carifesta, the first after a ten-year hiatus, held from 20 to 27 July 1992 in Trinidad.
Earl Lovelace was the artistic director of Carifesta IX.