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For crop production function, Abolse, Kooticha, and Carii in that order are preferred, while Gombore and Sogiddo are favoured for forest/tree plantation and grazing (Table 4).
According to the assessment, Abolse is excellent for all 4 major crops (Table 6), while Carii is excellent for lentil but not suitable for chickpea.
According to Ferrante Carli, poet, collector and defamer of Marino, Guido Reni made his paintings "womanly, Flemish, washed out and without force" ("da donna, fiaminga, slavata, senza forza").(100) We do not have these terms directly from CarIi, but as reported by Carlo Cesare Malvasia, a conscientious biographer and archivist.
CarIi, Malvasia, and Averoldo defined gendered style more in terms of its formal properties of light, color, and brushwork.