CARIMConsortium for Applied Research on International Migration
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(2) Department of Biochemistry, Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM), Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+), Maastricht, Netherlands
The community-building component of the community function provides a useful way for organizations to_foster a sense of community (Carim & Warwick, 2013; Lovejoy & Saxton, 2012).
Besides that, provides data for decision making and planning of sustainable forest management (Carim, Guillaumet, Guimaraes, & Tostes, 2013; Abreu, Guedes, Guedes, & Batista, 2014; Santos et al., 2016).
With respect to cognitive functioning, students who report ADHD symptoms have poor planning and study skills (Rabiner, Anastopoulos, Costello, Hoyle, & Swartzwelder, 2008); they have greater difficulty concentrating and avoiding distractions (Palmini, 2008; Rohde, Knapp, Lykowski, & Carim, 2004); and they tend to have lower Grade Point Averages (GPA) compared to other students (Advokat, Lane, & Luo, 2011).
Tauqir Shah met South African Ambassador Xavier Carim during Pakistan Trade Policy Review this year and the duty on cement was discussed.
--2010b, 'The legal dimension of migration: the Palestinian case', CARIM Analytic and Synthetic Notes 2010/46, European University Institute Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Fiesole, Italy.
Department of Energy is developing what it calls a Cyber Attack Risk Inference Model (CARIM) for energy companies with operations of particular strategic importance, such as utilities, the bulk electric power grid, and oil and gas supply and distribution.
The software was developed in The Netherlands at the Cardiovascular Research Institute of Maastricht University (CARIM) by Hans Vink, PhD and his team.
En America, esta realidad se extiende por todo el continente y en muchos casos los bosques naturales han dado paso a formaciones secundarias, que la mayoria de las veces son el resultado de tierras abandonadas despues de su uso prolongado (Carim et al., 2007).
(2013), 'Highly skilled Indian migrants in Europe: Italy', CARIM India Research Report 2013-37.