CARMACComputerized Aircraft Reporting and Materiel Control (US Customs Service)
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Ahuisus said that he was impressed with the results of the WB's CARMAC 1 project in Armenia.
Families like the Carmac's have been 'picking up the pieces' since the first invalid soldiers came back to Australia from Gallipoli in 1915.
4.57 (450m): Carmac Harper, Crouch, Fast Knight, Winword Mostar (M), Global Aside (M), Cleanaway Lilly (W).
To note, the World Bank's $250mln CARMAC project - a facility aimed at fostering the most competitive and stable
525: Carmac Theo, Piral Show, Aines Cookie, Ballinacola Lass, Matsea, Coopers Refusal
9.18 (435m): Carmac Courage, Nametab Coco, Dantes Supremo, Glengiblin Tommy (M), Black Olive (W), Downtown Katie (W).
1.51 (450m): Carmac Harper, Knockroe Choice, Mill Slice (M), Winword Mostar (M), Mill Alexis (M), Dempsey (W).
525:Claristown Mick, Tallyon, Nushkas Girl, Malua, Carmac Theo, Tell Tale Jamie
Carmac Lotterys set the ball rolling in the opener (15.21sec) and kennelmate Borna Fence (15.30sec) was a surprise 9-1 winner of the third, the pair sandwiching the victory of Graham Hutt's very uneasy Droopys Tobey (9-4 from evens) in the second heat where he stopped the clock in 15.51sec.
Reserves: Glengiblin Kenny (W), Memyselfandyou (M), Oak Tree Road, Scotchrath Bell, Carmac Courage, Dantes Supremo, Geordie Sniper (W), Pierview Kate, Roscoes Marlene.
1.19 (450m): Carmac Harper, Hats My Diamond, Zip Zip (M), Finmar's Dream (M), Husky Wolf (M), Macy's Millie (M).
said that under the Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness (CARMAC) Project for 2011-2015