CAROCChicago Alfa Romeo Owners Club
CAROCCenter for Action Research in Organizational Complexity (IBM)
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(34) It is revealing, moreover, that only in 1943 did the church explicitly title itself "Russian" in an ethnic sense; (35) and that until 1965 the Soviet leadership maintained two separate councils for the management of Orthodox and non-Orthodox affairs (CAROC and CARC), based on the proposition that their tasks were fundamentally different and that, in the view of some, the Orthodox Church was a homegrown institution in distinct contrast to the country's other religious traditions.
Combining CAROC and CARC into one institution was proposed and rejected on numerous occasions before it actually occurred in 1965.
Schneider called timeout with 2:35 to play, and in the exchange of baskets that followed a quickrelease three-pointer by Roy Sabino from the corner spot, Joshua Caroc's twisting layup and a free throw proved the marginal points for the winners.
Pratchett's reinvented Tarot, the "Caroc" deck, reflects the Discworld universe of much of his fiction; the Death card, for example, includes the infamous "luggage," which (like Death) follows its owner everywhere (Light Fantastic 83-84).
In desperation, Keli goes to Cutwell, a magician who performs a Caroc reading for her.