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CAROLCommon Architecture for Rmi Objectweb Layer
CAROLCompany Annual Reports Online
CAROLCommon Architecture for RMI (Resource Manager Interface) Objectweb Layer
CAROLCanadian Apartments for Rent Online (website)
CAROLNational Seminar on Conservation and Restoration of Lakes (India)
CAROLCommunicate and Relax On-Line (Slovakia)
CAROLComputer Aided Revolution on Learning (Japan)
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With eggs bouncing all over the place, Joel asked Carol to load him up with one, urging her: "Shove it up me, Carol.
It took the better part of a decade and the hard work of director Todd Haynes, a major player in the New Queer Cinema movement, to make Carol a reality.
While we've known for some time that lesbian subculture flourished in New York City in the 1950s, the characters of Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett) and Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) seem far less certain of their futures.
After scouring the net, Carol found a dress that looked ideal.
Here, a host of celebrities reveal their favourites - and Carol gives their choices the lowdown.
Daryl and Carol are in a car and they are following another car, but they are low on fuel.
Former Countdown number cruncher Carol, 53, appeared on the red carpet in a scarlet dress, then on stage in a sexy figure-hugging white lace outfit.
Cheery yuletide traditions are hampered by modern-day distractions in A Carol Dickens Christmas by Thomas Fox Averill, a charming story that pieces together morsels drawn from Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol: Christmas songs, poems, recipes, and themes of family and change.
Many readers of this journal will have first encountered these singing traditions through Ian Russell's 1970s recordings, released on the fabulous LP A People's Carol.
This is the second year the carol service has taken place in the splendour of the recently restored bandstand.
Carol was nominated by her employers the Emscote Centre in Nelson Lane, Warwick, for the honour.