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CAROSCanadian Alliance for Research On Schizophrenia
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Caro was commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in the wake of the impact of his Last Judgement, exhibited in Venice in 1999 to transform a spectacular but empty structure into a live building with a new purpose.
A panoramic foldout image documents, in the most lusciously nostalgia-provoking way, the Bennington look, both with respect to natural and aesthetic landscapes: we see in the foreground a lavender Caro sprawling across a greensward with the blue mountains in the distance.
Visiting the major cities, palaces, and monuments in the Paris region dating from the twelfth to the nineteenth century, Caro covers all of the greatest hits: Saint-Denis, Chartres, Reims, the Louvre, Sainte-Chapelle, Vincennes, Rouen, the chateaux of the Loire, Fontainebleau, the Place des Vosges, Vaux-le-Vicomte, Versailles, the Palais Royal, the Conciergie, Malmaison, and Compiegne.
Caro's second album, 'Til You're No Longer Blinkered, has just come out, exciting fans of electronic music and of performers so idiosyncratic that they don't quite fit any genre.
While most parents are proud of their children John Caro has special reason to brag about his second-youngest son Danny.
There, in one sentence, is both what is wrong with Johnson and what is wrong with Caro's otherwise extraordinary biography, a lifetime project that has now reached its third volume.
Caro demonstrates how this colossal structure of deceit clouds the historical record.