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CAROTCentralized Automatic Reporting on Trunks (telecommunications)
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The content of carotenoids (CAROT) was positively correlated with GSR (r = 0.75), PAR (r = 0.87), PAR/GSR (r = 0.48) and TAIR (r = 0.79).
Chlorophyll a (Chl a) [mg [g.sup.-1] (f.m.)], chlorophyll b (Chl b) [mg [g.sup.-1] (f.m.)], chlorophyll a + b (Chl a + b) [mg [g.sup.-1] (f.m.)] and carotenoids (Carot) [mg [g.sup.-1] (f.m.)] contents, chlorophyll a/b ratio (Chl a/b) and chlorophyll a + b/carotenoids ratio (Chl a + b/Carot) in leaves of Pitcairnia encholirioides after 0, 30, 42 or 54 days of dehydration, from in vitro cultivation in presence of GA3 and 30 g [L.sup.-1] sucrose or NAA and 15 g [L.sup.-1] sucrose.
Watched by an audience of friends, family, and colleagues, the graduates, Julian Cooper and Juan Carot (of Brother Industries UK), and Jordana Stevens and Malcolm Tydie (of Agile Group) received their certificates from Craig McCubbin, managing director of Brother Industries and programme facilitator Pete Stevens.
(International sales: Europa-Corp, Paris.) Produced by Denis Carot, Marie Masmonteil, Radu Mihaileanu.
Maria Teresa Bobes Bascaran (1,2), Manuel Jover (1,2), Blanca Llacer (2), Jose Miguel Carot y Julio Sanjuan (2,4)