CARSICentral American Regional Security Initiative (US)
CARSICenter for the Analysis and Research of Spatial Information (Hunter College; New York, NY)
CARSICentre for Applied Research in Sustainable Infrastructure (Canada)
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Water fountains for ritual ablutions, a haman (steam bath), and the proximity to mosques, all point to the Kapali Carsi's eastern orientation.
organized crime through the Merida Initiative and CARSI. Assistance to
objectives, Belize benefits from the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI), through which the U.S.
Miss Carsi re-attached the bone, which had split cleanly in two, putting ``step cuts'' in the ends of each bone so they fitted together, then locked them in place with a steel plate.
Biscotte de Carsi : Elle semble marquer le pas, cependant un sursaut d'orgueil de sa part n'est pas a ecarter, si l'on se refere a sa tres belle victoire du 9 mai dernier sur un parcours similaire a celui du jour.
Meanwhile, in its bid to suppress dissent, the government has cracked down on militant fans with a ban on political chants in stadiums, the introduction of a controversial e-ticketing system that sparked a massive boycott by fans, the creation of pro-government fan groups, and a failed effort to get Carsi, the popular militant Besiktas fan group, legally banned as a terrorist organisation.
Congress has provided bilateral assistance, which totaled an estimated $22.3 million in FY2014, as well as regional security assistance provided through the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) to support PFG priorities, including anti-gang and antidrug efforts.
5-Biscotte de Carsi : Cette nouvelle recrue de l'ecurie R.Meziani se caracterise par une inconstance averee, elle guettera au plus un eventuel faux pas des chevaux les plus en vue pour venir mettre son grain de sel a l'arrivee.