CARSICenter for the Analysis and Research of Spatial Information (Hunter College; New York, NY)
CARSICentre for Applied Research in Sustainable Infrastructure (Canada)
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CARSI (12) is positioned as a reaction to Central American leaders and some Members of Congress who expressed concerns about the funding disparity between the Mexican and Central American parts of Merida.
Notes: CARSI and CBSI are funded through the State Western Hemisphere
CARSI was referred to as "Plan Colombia" for Central America, which was not meant as a compliment.
Olson, Crime and Violence in Mexico and Central America: An Evolving but Incomplete US Policy Response, Migration Policy Institute, January 2013; on the money allocated for CARSI see Bureau of Public Affairs, "The Central America Regional Security Initiative: A Shared Partnership"; see also Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, "The Central American Security Initiative," http://www.
In addition to CARSI and CBSI, ESF will support the Energy and
Some of the CARSI programs, especially in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, aim to assist at-risk youth, while others work to strengthen border security.
provide $170 million for CARSI, which focuses on some of the root causes
these problems have limited the effectiveness" of CARSI, and
As currently formulated, CARSI provides equipment, training, and technical assistance to build the capacity of Central American institutions to counter criminal threats.
Like the Bush Administration, the Obama Administration has provided significant anti-drug and security support to Colombia and significant support to Mexico and Central America to combat drug trafficking and organized crime through the Merida Initiative and CARSI.
Through CARSI, the United States trains and equips Panamanian police to perform anti-gang law enforcement.