CARSRCommon Air Route Surveillance Radar (US FAA)
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Taken over a week in Februare y,r the figures,r released by Bridgend council, showo the average speed of carsr trav r - elling eastbound on the road was 26.4mph.
AFTER studyingd the fixed penalty notices issued per ward for parkingr for the month of June,u it strikesk me that the figuresr clearlyr suggest that officersr arer onlyl patrollingr certain areasr of the city.y Livingi in the area,r I can attest that carsr arer consistentlyl parker d illegallyl or in residents' baysa on Roath Court Road and in Arran r Place, yet officersr clearlyr don't ' patrolr therer as therer arer no notices listed.
r Many n of those attending will be classed as elderlyr and requirer the assistance of familyl membersr and their carsr to be present.