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CARTACenter for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny (est. 2008; University of California, San Diego)
CARTACharleston Area Regional Transportation Authority
CARTACampaign for Real Travel Agents
CARTACollege of Architecture and the Arts (Florida International University; Miami, FL)
CARTAChattanooga Area Regional Transit Authority
CARTACosta Rican Airborne Research and Technology
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En 1917 la Academia Colombiana de Historia publico la primera version de las Cartas de Caldas, en el volumen xv de la Biblioteca de Historia Nacional y bajo la edicion de Eduardo Posada.
Now, and for the first time, Durham Cathedral has put on display all three of its issues of Magna Carta, along with the corresponding, and therefore equally venerable, Charters of the Forest.
The afterlife of the Magna Carta is the key, the constant reinvention and transformation of a symbol of values and ideas that has transcended those 800 years of history.
Unlike during the campaign, when he shrugged off criticisms of such remarks, as President he would be expected to demonstrate strong and faithful adherence to the principles enshrined in the Magna Carta for Women and to all the laws of the land.
The original purpose of Magna Carta was not to assert individual rights, but rather to curb what was seen as the despotism of King John.
There is no provision in the proposed law that would diminish or remove the existing Magna Carta benefits of our government personnel, Coloma said in a statement.
Carta Coffee Merchants' coffee can be found online only through Carta's online marketplace at www.
The Magna Carta had to be under 24-hour line-of-sight watch; post's regional security officers spent six straight days and nights on guard, In the end, the visa area, Lincoln Hall, was transformed into a museum with 19 display panels describing the document's history and importance and a massive tent to display the Magna Carta and the King's Writ, a note from 1215 announcing the document's signing.
Magna Carta was the rallying point for the first English rebellion in the name of ideals.
Unlike our Constitution--in effect for 226 years with only a few clauses repealed or defunct, and a mere 27 amendments--Magna Carta is generally said to have only three clauses that are still good law in England.
These so-called rebel barons persuaded the reluctant King John to affix his seal to the Magna Carta, the "Great Charter.
La peticion ciudadana de contar con una nueva carta fundamental se ha mantenido con los anos debido a su anomalo origen y a su hostilidad hacia valores democraticos.