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CARTACenter for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny (est. 2008; University of California, San Diego)
CARTACharleston Area Regional Transportation Authority
CARTACampaign for Real Travel Agents
CARTACollege of Architecture and the Arts (Florida International University; Miami, FL)
CARTAChattanooga Area Regional Transit Authority
CARTACosta Rican Airborne Research and Technology
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En nuestro pais, la necesidad de contar con una nueva carta constitucional se explica por dos motivos primordiales.
are there echoes of Magna Carta in our Constitution, the system of
Kin and Carta said it is also mulling acquisitions in new markets.
It has also committed funds to restructuring its Strategy unit to form Kin & Carta Advisory, which has already secured new clients, Kin & Carta added.
"Carta exemplifies the tenants that now define One World Trade Center as a community of creators, innovators and thought leaders.
"We assure you that the end goal of the enactment of the Magna Carta for MSMEs and P3 bill would be more programs and services to support more MSMEs," Lopez said.
The Michigan Attorney Generals Office launched its investigation in 2013 and subsequently filed charges against Carta in 2014 following a series of complaints made to its office.
As with Magna Carta, democracy is a process that evolves, not an event cast in stone.
The lot is served by CARTA routes Express 1, Route 10, and Route 12 Upper Dorchester/Ashley Phosphate Road.
En la carta de control para [valor absoluto de S] se usa la media y la varianza de [valor absoluto de S] como E([valor absoluto de S]) y V([valor absoluto de S]) y se tiene en cuenta la propiedad que indica que el intervalo E[valor absoluto de S] [+ o -] 3[raiz cuadrada de ((V([valor absoluto de S])))] contiene la mayor parte de la distribucion de [valor absoluto de S] (Montgomery, 2009).
El tema del "Seminar 3" es la carta de Espeusipo a Filipo II de Macedonia (Carta XXX de las Cartas de Socrates y de los socraticos = Espeusipo, fr.