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CARTESComputer Arts Centre at Espoo
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On note une evolution du nombre des operations de l'activite des cartes marocaines de +17,9% a 2,3 millions de transactions a fin mars 2019, pour un montant global de 1 MMDH, en hausse de 42%.
Today, after 19 years, and over 300 LASER machines installed in 45 different Countries, the CARTES LASER technology represents a confirmed success worldwide, not only for the level achieved, but also because the Laser converting unit can be combined with hot stamping, silk-screen printing, flexo varnishing, flat die-cutting, semi-rotary die-cutting and embossing.
BenE[degrees]tez, the grandson of a Lebanese immigrant, has said he was not consulted before Cartes announced his resolve to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem last month.
The biggest prize, the mayorship of Asuncion, went to Ferreiro, who won 51% of the votes compared to 41% for the governing party candidate Arnaldo Samaniego, a close ally of Cartes and the brother of Lilian Samaniego, the PC's immovable party president.
Cette carte offrira des avantages considerables pour les consommateurs, selon ses dires.
The central theme for CARTES Secure Connexions 2013 is; 'Building trust in mobile life,' with the exhibition covering mobile payment, SIM card security, secure mobile commerce, payment security, digital identity and authentication, among other topics.
Cartes, 57, whose election on April 21 returned to power the Colorado party of the late dictator Alfredo Stroessner, took the oath of office in the gardens of the presidential palace.
Inaugural organizers said Cartes' most important encounter at the swearing-in was not with fellow presidents but with foreign executives he hopes will invest in the infrastructure of this country of 6.2 million, where 39 percent live in poverty.
He said: "It all came about via Horacio Cartes. I met Rosell at a dinner at Cartes' house.
Cartes a puce pour faire le plein Le gouvernement a appele les proprietaires de vehicules a les enregistrer aupres du departement general de la circulation pour recevoir les cartes a puce pour faire le plein d'essence.