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Therefore, we changed our plan to perform CARTO to approach distal efferent vein using microcatheter.
In opposition, RF ablation is a complex procedure that requires extensive training, since the cardiac anatomy is reconstructed with all its peculiarities with the use of an electro-anatomical mapping system (Carto 3D).
Sobretudo, a partir da oportunidade que foi oferecida a elas de se expressarem (carto) graficamente e de lerem imagens de satelite que, gradativamente, se tornam instrumentos de acesso amplo para a leitura do espaco geografico.
The CARTO-RMT electroanatomical system is similar to the standard CARTO system except that it is able to localize the ablation catheter without interference from the RMN system's magnetic field.
Endocardial mapping of the right ventricle (RV) was performed by using a 3.5 mm open irrigated-tip catheter (Navistar Thermocool, Biosense Webster, Diamond Bar, CA, USA) and CARTO mapping system (Carto, Biosense Webster). I don't know how I'll care for my family THE storm is over but Carto Francois his wife Enite and their four children face a new struggle to survive.
The October issue of The Crusader, the Harrison, Arkansas-based Klan newsletter that carried the endorsement, includes a second notable item as well: Thomas Robb's eulogy for Klan leader Willis Carto, the white supremacist author and Nazi enthusiast whose newsletters once reached 400,000 subscribers, and whose writings and ideas have inspired half-a-century's worth of politically engaged racists.
The Tesla Autopilot system allowed the carto keep itself in a lane, maintain speed and operate for a limited time without a driver doing the steering.
In January, 12 people were killed at the Paris officeAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA of theAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA s magazine Charlie Hebdo in retaliation for a carto
OS's maps were produced using extracts of OS OpenData products, which had all of the street names and colour from the map stripped away by OS's Carto Design team to create a blank canvas ready to be coloured in.
Contributors to this book include Robert "Bobby" Moore, Abyssinian Carto, Brenda Do Harris, Robert Hill, Amiri Baraka, Leith Mullings, Issa G.