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CARTSCapital Area Rural Transportation System (Texas)
CARTSCapacitor and Resistor Technology Symposium
CARTSCommon Ada Run-Time System
CARTSCentral Alberta Regional Trails Society (Lacombe, AB, Canada)
CARTSCase And Resource Tracking System (NY State Tax System)
CARTSControlled Atmosphere Reliable Transportation System
CARTSCovert Aircraft Recovery Tracking System
CARTSCombination Antenna Receive/Transmit System
CARTSCustomer Assistance and Release Tracking System
CARTSCASREP Action Reporting and Tracking System
CARTSCommon Antenna for Receiving & Transmitting System
CARTSCircuit Assignment and Records Transfer System (AT&T)
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he shouted to a young peasant, who drove by, standing in the front of an empty cart, shaking the cord reins.
the lad shouted back, pulling in the horse, and, smiling, he looked round at a bright, rosy-checked peasant girl who sat in the cart smiling too, and drove on.
Get in, I'll take you all," Mikolka shouted again, leaping first into the cart, seizing the reins and standing straight up in front.
Two young fellows in the cart were just getting whips ready to help Mikolka.
That soldier passed on, and after him came another sitting on a cart.
To which the devil, stopping the cart, answered quietly, "Senor, we are players of Angulo el Malo's company; we have been acting the play of 'The Cortes of Death' this morning, which is the octave of Corpus Christi, in a village behind that hill, and we have to act it this afternoon in that village which you can see from this; and as it is so near, and to save the trouble of undressing and dressing again, we go in the costumes in which we perform.
In a moment they had passed the slow cart with the box, and disappeared behind the shoulder of the hill.
The horse, whose health had been drunk in his absence, was standing outside: ready harnessed to the cart.
And in a low voice, as the cart went slowly along through the midst of the gazing crowd, she poured forth her soul with the wrestling intensity of a last pleading, for the trembling creature that clung to her and clutched her as the only visible sign of love and pity.
cracked his whip, and drove his cart over the poor dog, so that the wheels crushed him to death.
Could you sell me your meat, your cart, your mare, and your good-will, without loss, for five marks?
Instantly I stepped out into the street, picked up the box, and replaced it in the cart: in the next moment the bicycle had spun round the corner, passed the cart without let or hindrance, and soon vanished in the distance, in a cloud of dust.