CARVChangeable, Agile, Reconfigurable and Virtual Production (conference)
CARVCurbing Alcohol Related Violence (New Zealand)
CARVCitizens Advocating Random Violence (group of fiction writers, a branch off of CWAL)
CARVCombination Air Release Valve (water pipeline appurtenance used to bleed the lines of air)
CARVComputer Architecture and VLSI (Very Large-Scale Integration) Systems (laboratory; Heraklion, Crete, Greece)
CARVClub Auto Rétro Vosgien (French automobile club)
CARVConventional Armed Re-Entry Vehicle
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Group I included CARV, group 2 included HUIV, group III included LSCV and MTNV, and group IV included SNV strains Convict Creek 74, Convict Creek 107, and NM H10.
The topology of the GPC gene tree (Figure 3) was essentially identical to the topology of the N protein gene tree (Figure 2) with respect to relationships between the viruses from Mexico in this study, CARV, HUIV, MTNV, and the other hantaviruses found in North America.
HE'LL CARV YOU UP Michael Carvill celebrates scoring at Windsor Park yesterday