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CASANOVACarotid Artery Surgery Asymptomatic Narrowing Operation Versus Aspirin
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Furthermore, the United States sent Vides Casanova and the Salvadoran high command double messages--that human rights must be respected, and that anything goes in fighting what Washington tried to characterize as a war against communist aggression.
But Len and Margaret Casanova were a team, those who knew the couple said Friday, and Margaret, like Len, was someone you didn't forget.
Regurgitating a series of tired cliches about Italian Casanovas may seem an innocuous exercise to many British readers.
Whisper Casanova into the ear of anyone who fancies themselves a connoisseur of Cardiff's independent restaurants and you get a sharp intake of breath, a rolling of the eyes and a glowing description of the delicacies in store for you.
However, as Casanova notes, it also proves that not everyone supported the new government for the same reasons (p.
South Indian superstar Mohanlal is in top gear as he slips behind the wheel of a Porsche Boxter in Dubai to film a thrilling car race sequence for his latest Malayalam film, Casanova.
Andrea Casanova and her husband, working through the Ally Foundation (created to honor their daughter who was murdered by a sex offender in 2002), will partner with the RAND Corp.
Hunky Heath stars as bed-hopping Giacomo Casanova, who meets his match in Francesca Bruni - played by Sienna Miller.
Rated 7-2 shots are Johnny Casanova (was 20-1) and Catunda Ashmore (was 10-1).
Brandi Nicole Burris and Casey Thomas Casanova were united in marriage on Saturday, April 28, 2007, at 11:30 a.
A new production of Casanova, by Carol Ann Duffy, considers what might have happened if history's most legendary seducer had been a woman.
Poet Carol Ann Duffy and theatre company Told By An Idiot have teamed up to imagine a female Casanova and tell his, or rather her, story.