CASARACivil Air Search and Rescue Association
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The best known species is the common oven-bird of La Plata, the Casara or housemaker of the Spaniards.
The sustainable use of biodiversity, for example, is one of our main innovation platforms," Casara says.
Every day the understanding grows that our current development model needs to change," Casara says.
Add a twist to the everyday and try Casara Italian Pinot Grigio/Pinot Blanc.
The move by the President of the Brazilian environmental agency, Mr Hamilton Casara, came after the group exposed the extent of the illegal mahogany logging trade.
The Casara, another Tiburon estate home by WCI, was recognized with two awards in 2003: the Silver Award from NAHB's Sales & Marketing Council and a Sand Dollar from the Collier Building Industry Association.
El hombre con quien me casara no se conformaria con ser consorte; ademas, me dejaria en cinta y yo no iba a hacer la guerra contra el moro con una criatura en las entranas, poniendo en peligro su vida" (160).
The narrator knows nothing about the emperor's future bride: "Quien sabe con quien se casara Francisco Jose.