CASBACalifornia Straw Building Association
CASBACharlottesville Area School Business Alliance (Charlottesville, VA)
CASBAColorado Alliance of Sustainable Business Associations
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El area de estudio es el noroeste de la provincia, abarcando 17 de sus municipios: Aguero, Alerre, Arguis, Ayerbe, Banastas, Biscarrues, Casbas de Huesca, Chimillas, Igries, La Sotonera, Loarre, Loporzano, Loscorrales, Murillo de Gallego, Nueno, Penas de Riglos (Las) y Santa Eulalia de Gallego.
For example, migrants from Guarda were vegetable gardeners around the city of Buenos Aires as well as hand laborers and farmers in the rural counties of Salliquelo and Casbas (in western Buenos Aires); migrants from Leiria worked in the mining and cement industries of Olavarria (in the central hills of Buenos Aires); migrants from Viana do Castelo and Braga became brick-makers in the suburbs of the city of Buenos Aires; migrants from the Algarve worked as flower and vegetable gardeners around the city of Buenos Aires and the provincial capital of La Plata, and as petroleum workers in central Patagonia.
And, yes, a quick trawl of the internet predictably produces far more negatives than positives: the book written by Spanish lawyer and psychologist Pilar Casbas entitled Mothers-in-law Are Seriously Dangerous For Your Health, the jail in the Indian capital, Delhi, which has an entire wing dedicated to the incarceration of mothers-in-law arrested for using threats to demand excessive dowries, and the endless, endless jokes.