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CASBAHCaribbean Studies Black and Asian History
CASBAHClinic for Adults with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (UK)
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Le wali d'Alger, qui rencontrait les representants de la societe civile de la Casbah, a affirme [beaucoup moins que] La restauration de la Casbah est une realite palpable.
About Matt's Casbah: Matt's Casbah is a fusion bistro in downtown Melbourne, Florida, owned and operated by award winning Chef/Owner Matt Nugnes is well known for his innovative palate of international flavors and exciting presentations.
The Casbah was the scene of the first official Beatles-designated session on December 17, 1960, and after Paul and Pete had been thrown out of Germany during the first Hamburg trip, it was.
During the Algerian struggle for independence between 1954 and 1962, the complex layout of the Casbah was crucial to the insurgency planning of the National Liberation Front and others, providing shelter and escape routes back from terrorist attacks on French citizens and other targets.
Other films such as the colonial French Pepe le Moko, were made there too, showing the casbah as a maze where a Parisian hoodlum on the run could hide and live reasonably well, beyond the reach of French police who hardly dared enter there.
eIuThe Casbah is in danger, and we must save it before it is too late,eIN historian Belkacem Babaci said, reflecting a pride found everywhere among the tottering huddle of walled houses.
Tickets and information on the Casbah Club gig can be obtained from www.
Manischewitz and Casbah add flour (and Manischewitz throws in matzoh meal), which means fewer chickpeas .
THE STORY: Pepe Le Moko (Jean Gabin) is a wily Parisian gangster who hides out in the casbah of Algiers, where the police can never catch him.
Sharing the bus as it makes its merry way through the Lake District are members of his new band -The Casbah Club.
On the live front, got to see two great San Diego bands last weekend at the Casbah.
While it offers more evidence that the region is in the grip of a liberationist pop culture frenzy (see "Look Who's Rocking the Casbah," June), it also demonstrates that even the region's pop fandom can fall prey to conspiracy theories and divisiveness.