CASCOMCombined Arms Support Command (US Army)
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Consequently, CASCOM has prioritized its science and technology efforts.
As part of CASCOM, the US Army Transportation School (USATSCH) is helping to increase opportunities for their transportation soldiers by developing a credentialing program for all 88 series military occupational specialties-- whether a service member is separating after four years or retiring with more than 20 years.
CASCOM has developed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems training strategy for Army personnel of all branches and components.
Lessons Learned," CASCOM, DL2/QA, R-CAAT Series 101st Sustainment Brigade Lessons Learned Presentation, 6 May 2009.
As the Army's lead for sustainment and logistics, CASCOM is analyzing and revising doctrine and training to meet the needs of the institutional and operational force.
The CASCOM concept of employment has the EWPS resident at echelons above brigade, and will require PM surveillance not currently programmed.
SCoE will house CASCOM, a multi-functional organization overseeing all combat developments and training in logistics, human resources and finance for the Army.
As a result of this status, TRADOC has directed the Engineer School and CASCOM to answer the following questions:
In 2014, CASCOM developed and published Phase III (Dominate) CPX--F TSPs for sustainment brigades and ESCs.
CASCOM is the Training and Doctrine Command proponent for general purpose power sources from 500 watts to 200 kilowatts and writes the tactical electric power capability documents for the entire DoD.
For Army sustainers, the institutional domain includes CASCOM, the sustainment schools, sustainment learning materials from other schools across the Army, and other Department of Defense training institutions.