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CASEACanadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration
CASEACanadian Aboriginal Science and Engineering Association
CASEACAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) and Schools Early Action (Australia)
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No se puede hablar asi, pero quizas si se puede empezar a pensar asi, pensar en un mundo en el que no hay arboles y casas y adultos y ninos y hombres y mujeres y politicos y profesores, sino donde se "arbolea", se "casea", se "adultea", se "ninea", se "hombrea", se "mujerea", se "politiquea", se "profesorea".
The airtemperature values obtained from simulation for CaseA were given below (Figure 4).
Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer said the president's "pre-emptive attack on the court" came as a "shock." A Wall Street Journal writer found it "appalling" that a president would have "the effrontery to lecture the Supreme Court about a pending casea...
Finally, Figure 37 gives a simple range of aBase Casea, aUpsidea and aDownsidea valuation scenarios for ALROSA, depending on the applied assumptions.
Later she requested Dh500,000 to drop the casea I am sure they had consensual sex," testified the witness, A.Z.
There have been repeated claims that solicitors have been wrongly charging fees to clients, and in one notorious casea Welsh miner received 50p in compensation while his solicitor was paid a four-figure sum.
"Dealers will have the necessary parts soon." in some casea, extension plates will be fitted to the cngine mountings to move hack about an tech.
This caput is the first in the text after the decapitation of Medusa herself twenty lines earlier: quos habuit vultus hamati vulnere ferri / casea caput Gorgon!
Donatists, followers of Donatus of Casea Nigrae, were a schismatic group that first appeared in North Africa in the fourth century.
London was successful in securing that during the negotiations the EU will put special emphasis on better cooperation with Russia on criminal matters, such as the Litvinenko caseA similar request was put forward by Lithuania, which requested the EU to put pressure on Moscow over certain cases of murders of Lithuanian custom officials at the EU-Lithuania border and the investigation into the disappearance of a Lithuanian businessman in the district of Kaliningrad.
The offer is available only at Pas de la Casea in Andorra.