CASELCollaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning
CASELCollaborative for the Advancement of Social and Emotional Learning (Boulder, CO)
CASELClassroom Administrative System for Educational LANs
CASELCapitol Area Science Education Leaders (est. 1998; California)
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Promoting social and emotional competence: The PATHS Curriculum and the CASEL Network.
Because so many curricula exist, CASEL has published two guides to help educators identify and select well-designed, evidence-based programs.
2013 CASEL Guide: Effective social and emotional learning programs: Pre-school and elementary school edition.
The CASEL Guide Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs.
2) Cohen (2006), Director of CASEL draws a close association between SEL and ethical development.
1999) La selection a 1'entree des stages de formation: reperer des << chomeurs en dificulte, motives et employables >>, contribution au seminaire final du projet CASEL a Barcelone.
For example, under the leadership of Roger Weissberg and Jeremy Taylor from CASEL, a diverse collaborative is working to advance the field of social and emotional assessment.
We worked hard to become part of CASEL to train adults and children about values and behaviors, and I think that has been successful for us.
CASEL was founded in 1994 as the Collaborative to Advance Social and Emotional Learning.
The authors advocate a strategic plan before initiating any program using the CASEL rubric of readiness, planning and implementation.
State learning standards to advance social and emotional learning: The CASEL state scan of social and emotional learning standards, preschool through high school.
This is in line with recommendation by CASEL that if a school hasn't adopted a SEL program before, it is best to start with a smaller effort and then try to build on that sketch if it is successful (CASEL, 2005).