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CASHECollege Aid Sources for Higher Education (financial aid)
CASHECalifornia Association of School Health Educators
CASHECredit and Savings for Household Enterprises (CARE India)
CASHEChange and Sustainability in Higher Education (est. 2004; Maryland)
CASHEComputer-Aided Systems Human Engineering
CASHEComputer-Aided Software/Hardware Engineering (codesign)
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"I'm not moving," Cashe said in response as he got on the ground.
While a few like Capital Float and CASHe have registered NBFCs, others say that there are no regulatory requirements for this app-based online lending models.
Instead, Business Matters has designed a successful direct sales model that, seven months after the product's launch, has landed Cashe in more than 2,000 companies.
CASHE draws on a 20-year-old data base containing the physical measurements of over 20,000 Air Force men and women that was compiled to serve as a reference source for defense contractors.
Cashe (@ChaseNCashe) ( February 6, 2014
from the capital, after a tip-off and seized a large cashe of weapons.
Everything was Ye Olde this or that and had been converted to accommodate Ye Newe punters with Ye Cashe and Ye Range Rover, while the few genuine locals must be forced to send their kids to school in another county and drive for miles in search of a post office.
It was her attachment to the project, originally slated as the final offering of the Primary Stages season at Off Broadway's 59E59 Theatre; that upped the Broadway cashe. The anticipated clamor to see her in a rare stage appearance prompted the move.
Rubique has partnered with various Financial Institutions such as CASHe to provide hassle free travel loans to all.
Producer Breda Cashe said the show is being rewritten but insisted she will NOT be getting rid of former manager Alex Ferguson's character.
CASHe is India's fastest loan giving app for young salaried professionals.
Cashe said: "There have been some script changes, just stuff we improved."