CASICComputer assisted survey information collection
CASICChina Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (Bejing, China)
CASICCombined All-Source Intelligence Center
CASICCalifornia Asian American Student Internship Coalition (est. 1991)
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PLA Antiship Cruise Missiles (Major Systems) Launch Type Manufacturer Platform Range(km) YJ-7 (C-701) CASIC Third Ground, 25 Academy ship, air YJ-62 (C-602) CASIC Third Ship-Luyang 280-400 and YJ-62A Academy II, ground (YJ-62A) YJ-8 series CASIC Third Ship, 42 (CSS-N-4 Academy submarine, Sardine/C-801) (YJ-82), air (YJ-81) YJ-83 (CSS-N-8 CASIC Third Ship, 120 (ground/ Saccade/C-802) Academy ground, ship), multiple air 130 (air) variants YJ-83A/J (C-802A) CASIC Third Ship, 180 (ground/ multiple Academy submarine ship), variants (?
The CASIC technology replaced the traditional paper-and-pencil interviewing procedure.
The lowering of this rate is probably the result of the smoother transition between the monthly portion of the CPS and the supplemental questions as a result of CASIC.
He also put forward requirements on Aisino further strengthening business model innovation, expanding new capacity and accelerating speed of development as well as leading the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, implementing CASIC s important policies and production safety.
Under the under the correct leadership of CASIC, Aisino will steadily promote transformation and upgrading, make efforts to enhance core competitiveness, maintain rapid and stable growth and make new contributions to promoting CASIC s second pioneering.
Regarded as the OEM partner of choice for some of the world's largest hardware manufacturers, systems integrators, and map providers, Destinator Technologies cooperates with companies such as Microsoft, Eten, Orient Power, ZTE, Dopod, Mitac, Acer, Asus, Thinkware, Carpoint, Leadteck, Road Tech, CASIC, Hisys, and Nav2 in China.
2 CASIC Anjian UCAV/ CH-3 and ASN Technology ASN-229A