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Multiple studies have shown, in fact, that immigrant integration into Canada depends on numerous factors, such as timing of arrival (Hum and Simpson 2004), type of immigration program (Kelly, Astorga-Garcia, Esguerra, and CASJ 2009), geographic location in Canada (Kazemipur and Halli 2000), racial minority status (Reitz and Banerjee 2007; Reitz, Banerjee, Phan, and Thompson 2009) and gender (Boyd 1984; Tastsoglou and Preston 2005).
This echoed the findings from other studies showing that Filipina live-in caregivers have training and work experience in a range of professions in different countries but are most likely to be relegated to 'low-skilled' forms of employment (Kelly, Astorga-Garcia, Esguerra and CASJ 2009)
Kelly, Philip, Mila Astorga-Garcia, Enrique Esguerra, and CASJ.