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This study coincides with other studies by Blow and colleagues (2013), Caska and Renshaw (2011), and Vogt and colleagues (2011) that show that civilian partners are also negatively affected by deployment.
The car infotainment industry is valued at Rs 500 CRORES onwards and with this launch CASKA aims to gather 20 % market share in the organized segment in India by end of December 2012.
Deeker (Octavius Caesar), Andrew Long (Mark Antony), Ted van Griethuysen (Lepidus), Tom Hammond (Marcus Brutus), Scott Parkinson (Caius Cassius), Dean Nolen (Caska), Nancy Rodriguez (Portia), Michael Sharon (Marcellus)Jan Knightsley (Flavius), Kryztov Lindquist (Soothsayer), Robert Jason Jackson (Cicero), and others.
Researchers found that on the night of the championship game, more than eight times as many students consumed alcohol than would have under normal circumstances (Neal, Sugarman, Hustad, Caska, & Carey, 2005).
Formerly known as Lake Region Manufacturing, the Caska, MN-based contract and OEM manufacturer of medical devices and components has changed its name to Lake Region Medical in celebration of its 60th year in business.
The Theory of Planned Behavior is useful for predicting intentions and behavior related to career planning in adolescents (Millar & Shevlin, 2003) and college students (Caska, 1998; Insram, Cope, Harju, & Wuensche, 2000; Lepre, 2001).
Designer Sarah Caska used a fine-tip black permanent marker and enamel paint specifically formulated for glass to create these Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired designs.
Three-color flow cytometry was performed with CD45 in each tube with the following dual staining: CD22/CD13, CD3/ HLA-DR, CD4/CD25, CD7/CD4, CD5/CD19, CD10/CD22, CD8/CD56, [Kappa] (Tago Immunologicals, Camarilla, Calif)/CD20, [Lambda] (Tago)/CD20, [Kappa] (Kalestad, Caska, Minn)/CD19, [Lambda] (Kalestad)/ CD19, CD2/CD38, CD20/CD11c, CD20/CD23, and FMC-7/ CD22.
Doubt and uncertainty are generally associated with job search (Caplan et al., 1989; Soelberg, 1967) and job seekers may make appraisal conclusions of challenge, threat or harm/loss (Caska & Stratton, 1995).
In I.ii of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Caska describes for the benefit of Cassius and Brutus the circumstances of Antony's off-stage offer of a crown to Caesar.