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CASLContinuous Arterial Spin Labeled (cardiology)
CASLCanadian Anti-Spam Legislation
CASLChartered Advisor for Senior Living
CASLColumn Address Strobe Low Byte
CASLContinuous Asl
CASLCapital Area Soccer League (Raleigh, NC)
CASLCapital Area Soccer League (Harrisburg, PA)
CASLCompact Application Solution Language (Feras Information Technologies)
CASLCenter for Applied Strategic Learning (National Defense University; Washington, DC; US DoD)
CASLCoast Artillery Searchlight
CASLCrosstalk Application Scripting Language
CASLChattanooga Area Swim League
CASLCalifornia Amateur Skateboard League
CASLCalifornia Association of Student Leaders
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The Department of the Army contributed significant financial resources of approximately $100 million to ensure each BCT is equipped with a CASL to increase readiness.
The ASL labelling approach can be categorized into two main types: continuous arterial spin labelling (CASL) [19,28,29] and pulse arterial spin labelling (PASL) [30-33].
CASL is a comprehensive legislative regime created to combat spam.
CASL and GI are co-investors and general partners, with CASL serving as the operating partner.
Ref Methods Number of subjects-MMSE (mean and range, in parentheses, or standard deviation ([+ or -]), if available) [5] (i) 1.5 T MRI (i) AD: 11 (ii) EPISTAR: echo-planar (ii) HC: 8 imaging and signal targeting with alternating radio frequency (iii) Inclusion criteria: Hachinski Ischemia score < 4 [6] (i) 1.5 T MRI (i) AD: 17 (ii) EPI CASL (ii) HC: 11 (iii) Inclusion criteria: Hachinski Ischemia score < 2 [7] (i) 1.5 T MRI (i) AD: 20/21.0 (17-26) (ii) PASL (ii) MCI: 18/27.7 (24-30) (iii) Voxel by voxel analysis.
The survey content was developed and then circulated through the steering committee, CLF, CASL, and CAHN.
Advanced simulation tools based on the latest physical models, computing condition, and numerical technology have been the research focuses in the international scope, such as VERA which is being developed by CASL in USA [1] and NERESIM/NURISP/NURESAFE [2, 3] which were developed by the cooperative countries in Europe.
Fresh off a merger between the firm she founded close to 25 years ago, Harvest Group Financial, and United Capital Financial Advisors, Rosemary Caligiuri, CASL, RICP, says she's excited to start using the new tech tools and other business resources that she has gained access to as a result of the new partnership.
The next generation of ASL implementations is known as continuous ASL (CASL) [16].
CASL deals with commercial electronic messages (CEMs) and it regulates a broad range of activities including: