CASLSCenter for Applied Second Language Studies
CASLSCarolina Autism Supported Living Services, Ltd (Charleston, SC)
CASLSCentre for Applied Socio-Legal Studies (UK)
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CASLS Director Carl Falsgraf and his staff tried to answer several questions, including whether there's sufficient parental interest; what effect the program would have on neighborhood schools; what the financial impact would be; and whether the school could find qualified teachers.
CASLS researchers found others - and vice versa - through word-of-mouth or other means.
Eugene's program would be highly competitive, Falsgraf said, and CASLS would be willing to assist the district in securing those funds, which potentially could minimize or eliminate start-up costs.
Portland Public Schools have been able to attract enough certified, highly qualified teachers to their 10-year-old, 200-student Chinese immersion program at Woodstock Elementary, and Falsgraf said the Eugene district should be able to do the same with potential federal grants and assistance from CASLS, which taps into a national network of Chinese language teachers and experts.