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CASMCost per Available Seat Mile
CASMCommunities and Small-scale Mining
CASMCanadian Academy of Sports Medicine
CASMCognitive Aspects of Survey Methodology (behavioral science)
CASMCertificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics (Univeristy of Cambridge, UK)
CASMCommunications Asset Survey and Mapping
CASMCoherent Adaptive Subcarrier Modulation
CASMCanadian Association for Safe Motorcycling
CASMClose Air Support Missile
CASMCoordinated Abatement Strategy Model (Stockholm Environment Institute)
CASMCompounded Average over Starting Months
CASMCombat Alignment System Manual
CASMCombined Alarm-Status Monitor (electronic circuits)
CASMCourt Appointed Special Monitor (foster children)
CASMCorps Artificer Sergeant Major (UK)
CASMCentral Aircraft Systems Management
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This is followed by a step-by-step outline of the various processes of and phases in CASM, a discussion of how CASM communicates messages, and how it is managed, monitored and evaluated.
Court of International Trade in New York challenge the Department of Commerce's formulation of the cases' scope to cover all solar cells and panels manufactured in China but not cells manufactured elsewhere and assembled into panels in China, CASM announced.
CASM is a common metric used in the airline industry to measure an airline's cost structure and efficiency.
While some CASM members employ thousands of Americans, many members are long-time medium-size installation businesses or even small installers, such as Sawmill Solar Electric, based in Kern County in Central California.
CASM excluding fuel and certain special items is a measure commonly used by industry analysts, and we believe it is the basis by which they compare our airlines to others in the industry.
The Company evaluates its financial performance utilizing various GAAP and non-GAAP financial measures, including net income, diluted net income per share, CASM, PRASM, RASM, Passenger Revenue per RPM and EBITDAR.
Kragujevac (3) was endorsed by the MoD and the UNDP during the first CASM Executive Committee
The year-over-year decline is significant and reflects the market's rising recognition of the costs, risks and uncertainties associated with importing Chinese solar cells and panels, according to CASM.
Among other things, the webinar will highlight the various ways in which anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duty margins can increase unexpectedly, creating an "open-ended contingent liability" for importers of Chinese cells and panels, according to CASM.
Excluding special charges and fuel, mainline CASM was up 0.