CASMINComparative Analysis of Social Mobility in Industrial Nations
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One could interpret the valuable and interesting findings within this book by reasoning that social class (as CASMIN) has implications for the selection of friends and spouses.
El esquema construido en 1992 por Goldthorpe y Erikson se hace en el contexto del proyecto CASMIN (Crompton, 1997).
En los ochentas surge el Proyecto CASMIN (Comparative Analisys of Social Movility in Industrial Nations) donde se consolida en estudios transnacionales de estructura de clase y movilidad social (Hernandez de Frutos, 1997; Alonso, 1997; Crompton, 1997).
The ISCED and CASMIN category systems both classify education credentials according to their level, essentially differentiating primary, secondary, and tertiary educational attainment with some subdivisions within those three levels.
We examined some of the results from two comparative studies, one using the CASMIN categories, the other using the ISCED categories.
The school-to-work study used the CASMIN educational attainment categories.
The CASMIN measure is not in years, and its levels, though ordered, are not equidistant.
1988 "A Comparative Analysis of the Development and Structure of Educational Systems." CASMIN Project, Institut fur Sozialwissenschaften, Universitat Mannheim.